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A Day in Life of an Intercultural Learning Designer

A new, weekly podcast hosted by Seiji Nakano & Gabriela Weglowska.

Our mission is to create a bridge to connect people across cultures through technology and learning.

Listen for cross-cultural stories, opinions and day-to-day adventures of two passionate interculturalists on a journey to bring the intercultural world closer to you. Join us for 15 minutes chats every Tuesday from 10:30-10:45am (GMT).

We will be chatting about life as an expat, working in the intercultural field, and sharing our go-to resources for developing intercultural competence! We are also hoping to chat with guest intercultural practitioners so please do get in touch!

Feel free to pick up a topic and continue discussing it on LinkedIn. We will be there too to offer additional perspectives.

This is a great way to facilitate social learning in a truly international environment.

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A Day in Life of an Intercultural Learning Designer

Here is an interesting story of Seiji & Gabriela, who at some point realised that they can combine their passion for learning & development with their backgrounds in the intercultural field. Tune in for great insights on various roles and activities in the world of instructional/learning design.

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Living Across Cultures: Eurolatinocanadian Perspectives

This episode’s guest speaker has had an extraordinary life. Meet Pavle Luger. He was born in the former Yugoslavia, now Croatia, in a very Austro-Hungarian family tradition but later immigrated to Germany and then to Venezuela, and now he lives in Canada. Listen to Seiji & Gabriela chatting with Pavle about his “eurolatinocanadian” perspectives on life.

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Emotional Changes After Relocation

What happens to our confidence, self-worth and mindset when we move? In this episode, Angelic Ingram, Mindfulness Coach for Expats, chats with Seiji & Gabriela about the emotional changes her clients experience after relocation. She also offers a few suggestions on what to do to move out from the feelings of anxiety, frustration or loneliness.

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Change of Language, Change of Personality?

The Czech proverb does say, “Learn a new language and get a new soul”. So, do you feel like a different person when you speak a foreign language? Many bilinguals report being different in each of their languages, and some researchers have attempted to get to the bottom of this. Seiji Nakano is one of them.Listen to Seiji & Gabriela

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Negotiating Across Cultures

We all negotiate something every day. However, cultural differences can influence business negotiations in significant and unexpected ways. That’s why it is vital that we become more aware of the impact we have on others as well as understand what drives our counterparts’ opinion and position. So, in this episode, we dive a bit deeper into the topic of negotiating

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On the integration of ‘the locals’ towards ‘minority’ groups’ cultures

Research tells us that in every society, minority group members (e.g., immigrants) can integrate towards majority group members or locals’ culture (e.g. White UK nationals). New work has demonstrated that locals can actually integrate towards minorities, too – and when they do, they seem to be more likely to experience benefits and fewer problems when it comes to overall prosperity, health

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Rethinking intercultural communication from the perspective of language

Have you ever considered exploring how intercultural communication can be rethought from the perspective of language? Listen to Seiji & Gabriela chatting with Dr Doris Dippold from the University of Surrey. With her motto, “it’s all about language”, Doris is introducing more language-awareness into university education as well as applying the same perspective to Artificial Intelligence. Fascinating work!

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How did we land in the intercultural field?

Are you considering a career in the intercultural field? Interculturalists often get asked about how they got into the field. As you can guess, everyone’s career story is different – which makes it even more interesting to ask this question to as many interculturalists as you can when considering your own career moves. Listen to Seiji & Gabriela sharing their

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The reality of learning how to communicate internationally

English language is everywhere. It’s easy to assume that in order to communicate internationally, one needs to learn to speak English. However, every interculturalist will know that English language fluency isn’t enough. In order to succeed in the international arena, one must also develop intercultural fluency. Listen to Seiji & Gabriela, and this weeks’ special guest – Vanessa Paisley, as

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Working in small vs large organisations

Do you prefer working in a small or a large organisation, and why? We once heard that large organisations have more cultural diversity and small organisations have fewer development opportunities? Hm…isn’t that the other way round!? Listen to Seiji & Gabriela discussing their personal experiences. We would love to hear your own preferences and reasons behind them. Join the chat

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What makes you multicultural?

Is it the knowledge of different countries, is it a feeling of belonging to more than one culture, or is it when your values and beliefs are influenced by other cultures? Or does being multicultural involve all these things? And can you be multicultural to varying degrees? Listen to Seiji & Gabriela sharing some thoughts on their own multicultural identities.

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Have you ever explored the links between culture and mythology?

There’s plenty of mythology in our culture. Maybe the mythical creatures, legends and heroes could be explored more often in intercultural training? Even when culture no longer believes that its myths are true, these stories often survive as vessels for important cultural values. Listen to Seiji & Gabriela, and Richard Lowe – WorldWork’s CEO, having a very interesting chat about

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Cultural clusters – helpful or harmful?

Is clustering nations into culturally similar groups helpful for summarising their similarities and differences, or is it harmful because of stereotyping and missing on the key differences among societies? Listen to Seiji & Gabriela, and this week’s special guest – Joyce Jenkins discussing this vast topic and sharing their views. We would love for you to join the chat and

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Being an intercultural generalist vs. specialist

Would you describe yourself as a generalist or a specialist? What’s the difference? Is one more important than the other? What do employers and clients want? Listen to Seiji & Gabriela, and this week’s special guest – Bill Reed. They are discussing their own career journeys and share perspectives on this popular topic. We would love for you to join

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Finding small happiness in lockdown

How are you dealing with lockdown? Are you focusing on your wellbeing? Have you considered how your cultural background influences how you see and seek happiness? Listen to Seiji & Gabriela reflecting on what makes them happy and motivated every day during the pandemic, and sharing what they’ve observed or read about happiness in different cultures. We would love for

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Emotional Intelligence & Cultural Intelligence

What emotional intelligence (EQ) and cultural intelligence (CQ) have in common? It is a huge and a very interesting topic. Listen to Seiji & Gabriela trying to explore it. This is just a conversation starter. We would love to continue this conversation with you on LinkedIn – please join in.

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I had an argument with my flatmate…

Intercultural gaffes, miscommunications and arguments are very human. But…as interculturalists, are we always expected to keep it perfectly together? We are the ones who teach others how to avoid gaffes and clashes, at yet… Listen to Seiji & Gabriela revealing their own challenges of living up to the expectations of a flawless intercultural communicator. We would love to hear examples

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New Year’s Resolution

In Japan, a person who sets up their New Year’s resolutions but fails to fulfil them is called a 3-day Monk. Do you set up and stick to your resolutions or are you like the 3-day Monk? Maybe the New Year’s resolutions are just not your thing and you prefer to reflect on your circles of influence or create a

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Introducing a Virtual Coffee Break with Interculturalists

Introducing a Virtual Coffee Break with Interculturalists Podcast hosted by Seiji Nakano & Gabriela Weglowska.We will be chatting about life as an expat, working in the intercultural field, and sharing our go-to resources for developing intercultural competence! We are also hoping to chat with guest intercultural practitioners so please do get in touch!

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